Latest available technology in the world is (BFS Technology) BLOW, FILL & SEAL the company has successfully installed:
1. ALPS – Automated Liquid Packaging Solution Machine of (US origin)
2. Four automated Rommelag Machine (German origin).
3. one automated Rommelag Machine (German origin) 4 ampule.
Bottle forming, filling and sealing is under class A within the shortest interval of time, which eliminate chances of environmental contamination, beside that environment of machine is also controlled by HEPA filtration system. Inject able medical grade, plastic material (LDPE) of re-known European origin is used where from granules to formulation along with solution filling and sealing is totally auto controlled, there is no human touch in the entire system of BFS, which is the distingusinhed base of quality products in such a HEPA controlled environment under BFS technology, from granule to finished bottle.

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